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6000 Series

Our 6000 Series offers the widest range of choices in shower door bypass enclosures. The options include enclosure types, standard sizes, metal finishes, glass types, and towel bars. 6000 Series shower door bypass enclosures feature an attractive appearance and outstanding performance value with choices to enhance most any bath setting.

Standard Features

  • Broadest range of shower enclosure types, sizes, finishes and glass options
  • Highly buffed, premium weight aluminum framing
  • Easy-to-clean, L-shaped sill (LSL) with 5° slope, silencer and caulking channel
  • “Snug-slide” shower door guide for smooth, secure sliding of panels; removable; easy-to-clean
  • Heavy duty rollers with ¼” vertical adjustment for easy alignment of panels
  • Safety tempered glass
  • Clear vinyl glazing
  • Removable glass panels for easy cleaning
  • Interchangeable right and left glass door panels
  • Stainless steel, electroplated fasteners
  • Guided bumpers designed for smooth and quiet shower door closing; clear in color
  • Double-faced, true-track header
  • Jambs pre-punched for wall mounting
  • BTB Towel Bar – Heavy gauged, full perimeter bar with high impact acrylic brackets and matching anodized sleeves

Optional Features

  • BTH Towel Bar / Pull Handle. Heavy gauged, full perimeter towel bar with high impact acrylic brackets and matching anodized sleeves on one panel; fully anodized, slimline pull handle on remaining panel
  • DTB Towel Bars.  Heavy gauged, full perimeter, rectangular “double” towel bars with matching cast brackets
  • AHP Pull Handles. Fully anodized, slimline pull handles
  • Expanders:  Sill Leveler, Jamb Expander, Tile Fill
  • Rounded, Euro-style Header (920)
  • “Anti-Jump” Panel Clips

Enclosures Available

  • Tub Height Bypass
  • Shower Height Bypass
  • Return Panel Kit
  • Custom Configurations. Many custom configurations are available ranging from doors with single in-line panels to doors with multiple panels and angles.
  • Shower enclosures with heavy weight framing for high-end applications. Features Euro-style, through-the-glass towel bars.



Glass & Metal Options

Installation Instructions

  • 6000 Bypass with BTB Towel Bar 26R1-P (If Purchased from a Plumbing Wholesaler – Most Common)
  • 6000 Bypass with BTB Towel Bar 26R1-G (Most Common)
  • 6000 Bypass with ATB Towel Bar 26X1-G
  • 6000 Bypass with DTB Towel Bar 2621-G
  • 6000 Bypass with Oval Towel Bar 2681-G
  • 6000 Bypass with BTB Towel Bar and 920 Header 26R2-G

Part Detail

Spec Sheet

  • 6000 Bypass (Standard) 6-1
  • 6000 Bypass (Options) 6-1.1
  • 6000 Bypass / ILP or ILS 6-2
  • 6000 Bypass / Return Panels 6-3
  • 6000 Bypass / ILP or ILS / ERP or ERS 6-4

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