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Steam Series • Framed Bypass

Steam Series glass shower enclosures are designed to create a steam shower in your home. Each unit is custom sized for an exact fit and includes integrated vinyl seals for maximum steam control.

Standard Features

  • Custom sized to fit exact height and width of opening
  • Integrated vinyl seals designed for maximum steam control
  • Highly buffed, premium weight aluminum glass door framing
  • Easy-to-clean, L-shaped sill (LSL) with 5° slope, silencer and caulking channel
  • “Snug-slide” shower door guide for smooth, secure sliding of glass panels; removable; easy-to-clean
  • Heavy duty rollers with ¼” vertical adjustment for easy alignment of glass panels
  • Safety tempered glass
  • Clear vinyl glazing
  • Removable glass panels for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel, electroplated fasteners
  • Clear bumpers designed for smooth and quiet shower door closing
  • Double-faced, true-track header
  • Jambs pre-punched for wall mounting
  • BTB Towel Bar – Heavy gauged, full perimeter bar with high impact acrylic brackets and matching anodized sleeves

Enclosures Available

  • Tub Height Bypass
  • Shower Height Bypass
  • Custom Configurations. Many custom configurations are available ranging from doors with single in-line panels to doors with multiple panels and angles.

Glass & Metal Options

Installation Instructions

  • Steam Bypass 2SR1-P (If Purchased from a Plumbing Wholesaler)
  • Steam Bypass 2SR1-G

Part Detail

Spec Sheet

  • Steam Bypass S-1

Product Brochure