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Steam Series • Framed Swing Enclosures

Steam Series glass shower door enclosures are designed to create a steam shower in your home. Each unit is custom sized for an exact fit and includes integrated vinyl seals for maximum steam control.

Standard Features

  • Integrated vinyl seals designed for maximum steam control
  • Custom sized to fit exact height and width of opening
  • Highly buffed, premium weight aluminum shower door framing
  • L-shaped, easy-to-clean sill
  • Continuous, concealed hinge with stainless steel pins and pvc sleeve
  • Full length magnetic closure
  • Safety tempered glass
  • Clear vinyl glazing
  • Aluminum drip rail with drip collector and vinyl sill sweep
  • May be installed to hinge from left or right to accomodate either application need
  • Designed with a built-in “open door” stop at 100°
  • Stainless steel, electroplated fasteners
  • Fully anodized, glazed in handle (GIH)

Optional Features

  • Expanders: Jamb Expander, Expandable Jamb, Sill Expander
  • AHD Pull Handle: Fully anodized pull handle mounted through side channel

Glass & Metal Options

Installation Instructions

  • Steam Swing Door- 4S3
  • Steam Swing Door with In-Line Panel- 0S3
  • Steam Swing Door with Double In-Line Panels- 5S3

Part Detail

Spec Sheet

  • Steam Swing (Standard) – 6-1
  • Steam Swing Door / ILP –  6-2
  • Steam Swing Door / DPNL –  6-3

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