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Style Series • ¼” Frameless Swing Enclosures

Our Style Series swing shower doors feature 1/4” frame-less glass (3/16” optional) with a full-length, continuous, concealed hinge. Designed to meet the demands of both style and affordability, a fully anodized, compression fit handle mounts over the edge of the glass.

Utilizing our Kwikstal method of construction, Style doors may be combined with an extensive selection of frame packages to fit most any configuration desired.

Standard Features

  • 1/4″ safety tempered glass with brilliant polished edges
  • Semi-frame-less design with only hinge channel framing on door panel
  • Highly buffed, premium weight aluminum framing
  • L-shaped, low profile, easy-to-clean sill on single swing doors (001); standard sill on door and panel combinations (782)
  • Continuous concealed hinge with stainless steel pins and pvc sleeve
  • Magnetic closure
  • Clear vinyl glazing
  • Clear vinyl drip rail and sweep; removable for easy cleaning
  • May be installed to hinge from right or left to accommodate either application need
  • Designed with a built-in “open door” stop at 100°
  • Stainless steel, electroplated fasteners
  • Fully anodized magnetic handle which mounts over edge of glass (MAG)

Optional Features

  • 3/16″ Glass
  • Aluminum Bottom Channel and Drip Rail, with drip collector and vinyl sill sweep
  • MAD Pull Handle: Fully anodized magnetic pull handle with double magnets, which mounts over edge of glass
  • Expanders: Jamb Expander, Expander / 180° Post, Sill Leveler
  • Vinyl Steam Seal

Glass & Metal Options

Installation Instructions

  • Style Swing Door – 620
  • Style Swing Door with In-Line Panel – 670
  • Style Swing Door with Double In-Line Panels – 660

Part Detail

Spec Sheet

  • Style Swing Door  – FS-1
  • Style Swing Door / ILP  – FS-2
  • Style Swing Door / ILP / ERS  – FS-3
  • Style Swing Door / ILS / ERS  – FS-4
  • Style Swing Door / ILP / ERP  – FS-5
  • Style Neo-Angle Swing Door   – FS-6
  • Style Steam Swing Door  – FS-7

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