About Us

Coral Industries quickly claimed a place in the manufacturing arena of shower enclosures in 1976. Over the decades, Coral has grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of quality bath enclosures in a sector that includes almost 150 national and regional competitors. Starting with fewer than 10 employees, Coral now employs over 400 workers who produce beautiful bath and shower enclosures and a complete line of Architectural Products.

Coral’s 210,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is the site of the entire in-house production process, allowing for maximum control and flexibility of production. Coral attributes its growth over the years to an unyielding commitment to quality products and dedicated customer service. “Committed to service that meets your needs. Excelling in innovations that work for you!” has become a company motto and philosophy that drives not only the everyday operations, but also the plans for future growth. It is from such a philosophy that many branches of Coral have developed.

Early in its history, Coral began its own trucking division, Central Alabama Transport. Realizing that delivery is an integral part of meeting customer’s needs, Central Alabama Transport was formed, providing dependable service to customers on weekly or multi-weekly routes.

Coral formed its Glass Division In 1989 and began producing custom sized tempered glass. Since that time, the Glass Division has expanded greatly in size and capabilities. In-house fabrication capabilities include: custom shape template digitizing, CNC cutting, straight line and shape edging, straight line and shape beveling, sand blasting, insulating, and tempering.

Coral Architectural Division was started in 2006 and is well known for its production of some of the highest quality Architectural products on the market. In 2015, growth in the Architectural Division prompted the division to expand to a new $5.2 million facility in Northport, Alabama. Architectural products include aluminum and all glass systems, entrance doors, storefronts, curtain walls, window walls, and sunshades. As with other branches of the company, Coral’s Architectural Division is dedicated to the same high level of service, commitment to customer’s needs, and production of quality products.